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Many countries have local payment systems, the target audience of which is precisely the inhabitants of this country. The system belongs to this category and it is really very convenient for Bulgarian residents. Allows you to make online purchases, pay bills, repay loans and replenish casino accounts quickly and with maximum security.

The system was founded in October 1999 and in the same year the first online payments were made in Bulgaria. Compared to conventional EPS like WebMoney, YandexMoney, PayPal differs in that the main emphasis is on the domestic market. This is a service for residents of Bulgaria.

The functionality of has no special restrictions. You can make purchases in online stores, transfer money to other participants in the system, repay loans. As for replenishing an account in a casino, the administration treats payments of this kind absolutely calmly, so these transfers do not violate the internal rules of the law.

You can top up your account in different ways:

  • via bank transfer. There is no binding to one bank, in Bulgaria 24 banks are partners of the payment system, so in Bulgaria there should be no problems with replenishment in this way;
  • from a bank card;
  • there is through a payment terminal it has support for;
  • receive money from another member of the system.

As for the security of payments, there are no problems with this. Back in 2007, MasterCard and Visa payment systems recognized the maximum level of security.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

Strengths include:

  • maximum security level. The developers of have created a special application for mobile devices that can generate passwords to confirm payments. It can be used instead of the traditional SMS verification method. The probability of this application being hacked is minimal;
  • speed is not inferior to other payment systems, money is in the account instantly;
  • in the mobile application it is convenient to control expenses and income, make payments, there is no connection to a PC , you can literally work on the go;
  • many ways to replenish your account;
  • anonymity when making payments.

The disadvantages are related to the fact that the system is focused only on Bulgaria:

  • You can use it comfortably only on the territory of Bulgaria. If you have an account registered, you can, of course, make payments while in other countries. But you won’t be able to replenish your account through a bank, an ATM, and this is inconvenient. The problem with SMS confirmation of payment can be solved using an application that generates passwords;
  • a very small number of casinos accept money from, we are talking about literally 4-5 reliable casinos;
  • in transactions are not possible in the opposite direction, that is, you will not be able to withdraw money from the casino.

Hence the intermediate conclusion - it is not very convenient to use it to replenish the casino. This is a common problem for all local payment systems. They are too highly specialized and only local casinos accept them, and there are only a few of them.

Where to find casinos that support

You can search for a casino that supports this deposit method right on this page. On the right side, select the appropriate filter and get the results. At the moment, only 3 reliable casinos allow you to replenish your account in this way.

As for the process itself, it is standard:

  • first, in the account replenishment menu, select the name of the payment system;
  • then indicate the replenishment amount and click on "Pay";
  • you will be redirected to the site of itself , here you will need to log in and confirm the payment. Money should be credited to the account almost instantly.

The commission is charged by the payment system, some casinos can also write off a certain amount when replenishing an account.


The payment system belongs to the category of local ones, that is, it is focused on the domestic market. It is not bad for making online purchases and money transfers, but it is rather not always possible to deposit a casino account through it. Too few casinos support this method of replenishment. Collapse

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